Keyboard Shortcuts

Open Apps, Search Menu:

To open the Apps or Search Menu, press the “Search” key.

Quick Launch from apps displayed on lower portion of your screen

Alt + 1-8 – Launch applications located on Chrome OS’s “shelf,” or taskbar. For example, Alt + 1 will launch the first application shortcut from the left.  Remember, you can position apps in your launch menu by clicking and dragging from the app tray to the chromebook desktop.  Call or post a comment if you want the keyboard shortcuts for this process. 

When using ChromeVox  (Screen Reader):  

Select this link for a Video demonstration of ChromeVox

ChromeVox uses function keys with single letter shortcuts.

To start ChromeVox, press:  Control + Alt + Z.

Use the SEARCH and SHIFT Keys with the ARROW keys to navigate and read a page:

Speech Parameters to customize the speech for the student:

Speech Rate:  SHIFT and SEARCH with the Left and Right LOWER BRACKET keys. 

Speech Pitch:  SHIFT and SEARCH with the single quote and semi-colon keys 

Pause Speech:   Control key

Navigate and Read a page:

SEARCH and SHIFT Keys with Up and Down ARROW keys to read by paragraph

SEARCH and SHIFT Keys with Left and Right Arrow keys to read by line.

Adjust how it reads  by using SEARCH and SHIFT Keys with Minus and Equal.  

Read from the current line with SEARCH and SHIFT Keys + R

Important notes:

ChromeVox much like other screen readers when they got started will not work with all apps.  For example, I am using a word processing app on a Chromebook called "OpenOffice" which does not work.  

Basic Navigation

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