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Apps for kids with CVI

There are several iPad applications (apps) that can be used to provide for less complex/simple backgrounds, isolated figures in preferred colors of red or yellow and include the use of movement. Also, since the iPad screen produces light, it may be useful to put whatever you what the child/ student to look at on its surface to draw their attention to it. 

Low Vision Apps

Apps for Writing

Apps for Reading

Apps for file storage in the cloud

Apps for other applications

Other apps recommended:  


ExcelCloud Outliner - create outlines

Pocket Braille Lite - Braille Contraction Resource

ARG Tools - Braille Codes and ASCII Resource

Extension Conversion & Data Syncing

Prizmo - OCR 

GoodReader - file organization, data syncing, unzip

PDF Provider - document merger, splitter, converter

 Dropbox - data sync

EverNote - data sync 

AudioBook ReadersLearning Alley - 

RFBD readerBookshare - 

Read2GoGoodReader - Mp3

Alternative Text Input

TypeInBraille - text input via 

Braille cell configuration, grade 

1Fleky - keyboard style text input

OM & Daily LivingVizWiz - object verification

Digit-Eyes - OM, labeling, Bar Code Scanner

LookTel Money Reader - money Identifier

LookTel Recognizer - object, person, OM landmarks identifier

Text Detective - OCR O&M text finder/reader

Sendero GPS - LookAround, GSP, 

MotionX - GPS driving/walking 

Ariadne GPS - Maps Talking with Finger Drag,

Body Compass - OM

Explore an area, 

Where am I 

Color ID - color identifier

ViA - App Resource Finder

eMoby - identify items 

AroundMe - OM, look up nearby businesses by category, get additional information about that business, and get walking/driving directions.

Maps - 

K-6 Academics

Phonics Genus - Flashcard, Phonics, Spelling

A+ Test - Flashcard, Audio, Spelling

Fry Words - Flashcard, Phonics

Tap Count - Math Skip Counting

FlashToPass - Math FlashCards

Story Creator - Create Stories, Books, O&M travel stories

MatchMyMusic - Game, Memory, Columns/Rows

Word Wizard - Game, Phonics, Letter/Sound ID

Splash Math - Math, Place Value, Number Line

Audio Memos - Voice Recorder

DeSteno Games - Games

Blind Memory - Simon Says, Teaching Gestures

SAS Flash Cards - flip, multiple choice, fill in the blank, T/F questions, etc. thousands of decks have been created and you can create your own

Talking Scientific Calculator- math Calculator

iDiary (journal/writing app) - accessible (few minor glitches, but definitely usable)

I Like Books - Reading, auto play

Little Stars - Letter ID, Phonics, Numbers

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