Dream Reader (Anna Cyr)

  • Use the Play/Pause button on the Bluetooth keyboard to start and stop reading.
  • Use the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons on the keyboard to navigate by sentence or paragraph. When in the middle of a sentence or paragraph, rewind twice to get to the beginning of the previous sentence or paragraph. Can also rewind and fast-forward with up /down arrows when your VO cursor is focused on the play button on the screen.
  • Option and up or down arrow will scroll by screen and reads the percentage point you are at in the book. If you have the VO focus on the play/pause button you can rewind/fast forward with a one finger swipe up or down.
  • To select text that you wish to copy, define, highlight, make a note or pronounce.
  1. Position the reader focus at the beginning of the section you wish to highlight.
  2. Move the VO cursor to “select text “ (immediately to the left of the pause/play button) and activate.
  3. Down arrow to the end of the section to be highlighted. VoiceOver will read the entire selection one you stop pressing the down arrow and you can press up or down arrow to remove some highlighting or continue highlighting.
  4. Activate (double tap) select text again.
  5. A pop up box will appear with a copy of what is selected. Right arrow to “highlight” and activate.  
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