iBooks, VoiceOver and Bluetooth Keyboard  (Anna Cyr)

iBooks, VoiceOver and Bluetooth Keyboard

Reach for the Stars

1: Make sure quick nav is on throughout the time you use iBooks. With VoiceOver on use the option and right arrow to advance to the next page. Option and left arrow should go to the previous page. Also advance the page with a 3-finger swipe from the right side of the screen to get to the next page.

2: Control and down arrow will tell the page number. Then left arrow two time to the play button. Activate to have the page read by the voice recorded within the book.

3: Left arrow again to the image. Activate to open the image in a separate screen. Tap the center of the screen once to activate the image and activate to hear the caption read. Add the tactile overlays (they are numbered in the bottom right corner by chapter and section number. Not every image has a tactile overlay). To exit: left arrow to close and activate.

4. The underlined words can be accessed in the glossary. You can get to the glossary either by tapping on the table of contents button (immediately right of the library button) or within the text of the book. To do this:

    a) focus the cursor on the text of the page (tap on the text or right arrow until it starts reading the text (tap the control key to stop the speech)

    b) change the rotor to "glossary terms" (up arrow and left or right arrow at same time) (if glossary terms doesn’t come up and you are sure you are in the text, then there aren’t any glossary terms on this page)

    c) up and down arrow to the different terms

    d) double tap on the word-a pop-up will appear with the word and definition. Use the right arrow to have VoiceOver read the definition.

    e) double-tap outside the box or escape to close the pop-up

5. Some pages have videos imbedded. You will know this when you left arrow from the play button to where you have found an image. If VO says “play” again, there is a video. Play it by activating this play button. If VO continues to speak, tapping control will stop VO but the video will continue. The video can only be stopped by touching the video pause button on the screen.

6. There are Fun Facts built in some pages in the place of the image. The only way to read the fun fact is by scanning with a finger on the screen (arrow keys or right flick do not work). Double tap on your answer choice and you will hear if you are correct or incorrect and an explanation.

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