Introduction to the IPad

Key vocabulary:  Tablet, 30 pin or lighting port, Silent or Screen rotation lock, Volume Control, On/Off and Wake/Sleep Button, Headphone Mini Jack, Home Button, App Items, Home Screens.

1. Show the student the IPad (IPad 2 through IPad Air), assist the student as need (hand under hand) to all the physical features of the IPad.  Identify the label and defination for each feature.

2. When you are finished, ask the student to locate each feature as you mention them.  Save the home button for last. 

3. When the student turns on the home button, assist them by with the login and turning on the accessibility features they need. 

4. Encourage them to explore the screen, visually and by touch.  As they discover each app item, explain what apps are; number of apps displayed on each screen, and what a home screen is.  In

5. When you mention that there are other home screens, show them the command to navigate to the next screen:

  • Touch gesture with Zoom:  Single swipe to left or right
  • Touch gesture with VoiceOver:  Three finger swipe to left or right
  • Keyboard with VoiceOver:  Press the Option and Left or Right Arrow Key.  

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