Keyboard Commands for Pages and VoiceOver (Anna Cyr)

Keyboard Commands for Pages with VoiceOver on iPad

Quick Navigation (Quick Nav)

  • use to move quickly throughout the screen in any app or homescreen
  • Right and left arrows at same time toggles it on and off
  • Must be ON for moving around
  • Must be OFF for writing text in a text field
  • Up and Down arrows at same time select the option the cursor is on

VoiceOver Specific commands throughout iPad 

VO (control and option)

Editing in Pages:

How to open and close apps from app switcher with the keyboard:

  1. Open app switcher by double clicking the home button or using VO+HH.
  2. Option and Right arrow to home and then Right or left arrow to locate the app you wish to open or close.
  3. Up arrow until you hear “Close (app name)” or “Activate Item (default action)” 
  4. Press the activate command (up and down arrow at same time) to complete the action just stated.

*Occasionally I get to app switcher and the right and left arrows won’t do anything. I usually go back out. Open an app from the home screen and then go to app switcher from that app. Then the arrows work. Not sure why!!!

The Rotor

  • Brings up a list of actions that can be used in the current app
  • Toggle on and off with Up arrow and either right or left arrow at same time (forward through list with right, backward through list with left)
  • Use to change speech rate, amount of punctuation read, whether to move through document by character, word, container or heading, etc.
  • Leave the rotor set to “Container” until you need to change and then set it back to container when done.
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