Pages-Keyboard and VoiceOver (Cyr)

This is a task list for creating, writing, naming and emailing a document in Pages using only the Bluetooth keyboard. Student should be challenged to not touch the screen at all throughout the lesson. “Activate” is done by pushing the up and down arrow at the same time. Quick nav is toggled on or off with the left and right arrow at the same time.


1.Start at the home screen.

2.Make sure quick nav is turned on (right and left arrow keys at the same time to toggle on/off).

3.Right arrow until you hear "Page 1 of 4" (or similar)

4.Up or down arrow to move between home screens (a two toned beep will sound for each new page)

5.Right arrow to the Pages app or the folder where "Pages" is stored.

6.Up and down arrow at same time to open the app or folder.

7.IF in a folder. . .Right arrow to "Pages"

8.Up and down arrow at same time to open Pages.

9.Up and down arrow at same time to activate create document.

10.Up and down arrow again to "create document"

11.Right arrow to Blank or Blank Landscape and activate.

12.Turn Quick Nav off.

13.Write a paragraph about your favorite Christmas break activity.

14.Turn quick nav on.

15.Set rotor to containers (up arrow and right or left arrow at same time).

16.Left arrow to the title "Blank"

17.Up and down arrow together to activate.

18.Turn Quick Nav Off

19.Type "Christmas" and Enter

20.Turn Quick Nav on.

21.Left or right arrow to the "share" button and activate.

22.Right arrow to "Send a copy" and activate.

23.Right arrow to choose the format you want to send in (typically Word) and activate.

24.Wait while it formats the document.

25.Right arrow to Mail and activate.

26.Right arrow to To:  box and activate.

27.Type the address you wish to send to and enter (may right arrow through list of possible addresses that pop up once typing has begun and activate the one desired. May need to turn quick nav on to do so.)

28.Turn quick nav on.

29.Right arrow to message body.

30.Turn quick nav off.

31.Type any message you wish to add (may need to made sure cursor is at top of message with ctrl and up arrow)

32.Turn quick nav on.

33.Left arrow to send button and activate.

34.You are now back in your Pages document.

35.Close it with VO (ctrl and option) and H

36.VO and H two times to bring up all open apps.

37.Right arrow to Pages.

38.Up or down arrow to Close pages and activate.

39.Press the home button or use the activate (up and down arrow on the home screen to go back to full home screen.


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